Improving or Learning English From Scratch Is Not a Mission Impossible!

Learn English effectively
English is in effect the mother of all foreign languages, it is the language of the web, the language of international business and most Italian companies now require knowledge of English as a standard in the CV (better if accompanied by other languages). It doesn’t matter if for work, travel or otherwise, English is always needed.

Learning a new language from scratch or deepening your knowledge of it is not an impossible task, especially if you adopt the right strategies and use quality tools, suited to your needs. Contrary to popular belief, English can be a very fun language to learn and, compared to other languages, relatively easy to assimilate (for a comparison, think of the complexity of Russian, Chinese or German).

There are several methods, more or less expensive, to practice and learn English. The free methods require the student to move in complete autonomy. These methods require a massive dose of commitment and determination, and a great deal of self-discipline. Other methods are much more fun and involve interaction and active participation, think for example of English courses abroad. However, learning English is an investment and not an expense in itself, so any expenditure related to your education can be met with this awareness. Depending on the budget you have available, you can try to learn English in different ways, in this article we show you the most popular and in our opinion the most effective.

earn English Abroad
Learning English abroad is by far the best way to learn English and invest in your language training, and it’s also the quickest way to get tangible results. Immersing yourself in a mother tongue environment allows you to progress without “wasting time” or distractions, favoring maximum continuity in the training path.

Of course it is possible to keep training and practice in Italy too, but the level of “immersion” will never be comparable to that of those who venture to learn English abroad. If you are afraid of meeting other Italians during your study stay , be sure to read the percentages of students and their nationalities , you can find these statistics on each landing page in the main menu of , these data can give you an indication quite accurate of the situation you will find.