Learn English With a Native Speaker

If you are lucky enough to know a native speaker, why not take the opportunity to practice a little from time to time? Who speak English as their mother tongue often don’t speak other languages ​​and therefore will appreciate your efforts and can be of great help.

If you feel scared, think that in most cases your English is better than his Italian! How many times have we heard “Your English is better than my Chinese!” Not groped to speak English to someone who doesn’t speak your language is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

If you have a friend, relative, acquaintance – even if they live in another country and you can reach them via Skype or Messenger, try to make an effort and contact them, you will see that learning English with a native speaker will be a pleasure, and a cultural as well as linguistic exchange of great value for both!

It may be because we have always underestimated the importance of English, or because our public school – with rare exceptions – is unable to fill in the language gaps of students (who, it must be emphasized, are sometimes not cooperative at all). in Italy, approximately 2,500 private English schools have been established in the last 30 years. A good business, no doubt about it, especially if the numbers of other European countries are put on the balance. An example? There are about 600 private English schools in Germany …

The English schools that open in our cities often offer English courses of good quality and effectiveness. General and Intensive English courses are usually offered, but also versions for students with special needs such as IELTS, TOEFL exam preparation courses, or Business English courses. Generally these courses involve frontal lessons in classes of varying size, and therefore are aimed at a group of students of very similar language level (for example, if your level is pre-intermediate, you will study with 7-8 other students of the same level or of a very similar level). To date, there are very few English schools in Italy able to offer English courses aimed exclusively at adults aged 30 and over, or 40+ or ​​50+ (called “senior”).