Sennelier watercolour review

Today, there are many watercolour brands that people use, and most of them are great. Sennelier watercolours are among these watercolour brands and have served the needs of many artists for years. When buying a watercolour, buyers take time to research to ensure that they find the watercolour that meets their needs or interfere with their artwork’s quality. If you have never used sommelier watercolour, it is time for you to read a review of this watercolour so that you can decide on whether it’s a great one for your work or not. In this review, I have come up with several pros and cons of the Sennelier watercolour. They will help you make the right decisions about what to do next after learning what the watercolour is capable or incapable of doing.

Pros of Sennelier watercolour

The pros of any product show what makes the product to be the top best in the market. The following are some of the pros and strengths of Sennelier watercolour.

  • Excellent granulation

One of the best things you will find in the Sennelier watercolour is that they always help users achieve excellent granulation. Granulation is simply the pigment getting grainy and textured after drying. Most of the watercolours you find in the market today will not achieve excellent granulation, indicating that they are not made of high-quality ingredients. Since sommelier watercolour is made of high-quality ingredients, it is easier for you to achieve incredible granulation.

  • Rich array of colours

Sennelier watercolour comes in a varying range of colours that artists need to paint their work.  You can give your art different colour ranges when you have this watercolour. Also, their colours are always rich and bold.

  • Elasticity

Whenever you buy your watercolours, it’s important to find out whether you can rewet and reuse them again. When you choose sommelier watercolour, you get to enjoy the elastic nature of the Sennelier watercolour.

  • Blending ability

Sennelier watercolour paints contain twelve colours only. However, it’s easy for you to blend these colours, ensuring that you achieve the colours you want. These Sennelier watercolours blend with ease, and users are always able to produce lovely mixes without any struggles.

  • Tube longevity

As you buy your watercolours, you need to determine whether they are worth the price they are being sold. Sennelier watercolours are worth your money due to their tube longevity. Their tubes of paint are usually concentrated, which means that you only need to use a little Sennelier watercolour. You can use them for a very long time without running out of paint, unlike when using other watercolours.

  • Solid metal palette

Most of the watercolours will have a plastic palette. However, the Sennelier watercolour is very different from the others since it comes with a solid metal palette.  The metal palette is sturdy and dense, which makes you feel extremely luxurious when using watercolour.

  • Metal tube

Like the plastic palette, most watercolours are usually in plastic tubes that shrink and change shape as you roll them. The good thing with the Sennelier watercolour is that they come in metal tubes that retain their shape, and this makes sure that you get out all the watercolours paint you need.


The Sennelier watercolour also has some drawbacks that include:

  • They are pricey

One of the cons of the Sennelier watercolour is that they are expensive. Therefore, not everyone can afford them, especially if they are not professionals.