The Qualities Of Excellent Kindergarten Teachers

Kindergarten is a programme meant to prepare a child for formal education when they come of age. Teaching is a nurtured talent and perfected before one qualifies to be a licensed teacher in a particular field. Kindergarten teachers also fall in line and must satisfy the relevant requirements to be in charge of children.

Imagine staying with a bunch of kids between five to six years of age all day long; it is not an easy task because children come from different backgrounds, and each one of them will need special attention. Therefore, a kindergarten teacher needs to have all the relevant skills that enable them to be excellent at their job.

Qualities of a Kindergarten teacher

The following are the primary skills that a kindergarten teacher at new child care in Coorparoo needs to possess:

Excellent and engaging personality

A kindergarten teacher needs to have a charming personality that will attract children to whatever they are teaching. Children tend to quickly lose focus if the teacher is boring and too hard on them.


For kindergarten teachers, being energetic is not optional. A teacher has to engage children in exciting tasks such as dancing, singing, playing, etc. The teacher should be in the frontline of all the activities they engage their students in to give them the confidence to participate.


Kindergarten teachers need to be adaptable and capable of changing their mode of teaching if they realise that it is not helping the children. Also, they need to be sharp in handling questions from children and should not say anything that would mislead the children.


Children have different capabilities in a given class, and some may be fast learners while others are slow learners. As a teacher, it is your responsibility to be compassionate to children who struggle academically and give them the kind of help they need to excel. A kindergarten teacher needs to be emotionally present for each child.


Teaching children should be accompanied by exciting activities that can help them retain their knowledge in a classroom. As a result, a kindergarten teacher needs to be creative and introduce new activities to spark children’s interests.


Teaching children is not the same as teaching adults because a child can ask the same question repeatedly. Therefore, a kindergarten teacher needs to be patient enough to handle children at their pace.


A good kindergarten teacher needs to have excellent organisational skills, including proper planning of activities for children, organising children in a classroom, and teaching them how to be collected.

Excellent communicator

A kindergarten teacher should have all the attributes of an excellent communicator, including proper listening skills, excellent speaking, and engaging in non-verbal cues. This will encourage children to express themself the same way.

How to know if there are excellent teachers in kindergarten?

You might be interested in finding out if a particular kindergarten has teachers with the above qualities, but you do not know how to go about it. You can also find out by visiting the school in person and observing how the teachers carry out their duties. Alternatively, you can ask friends or family if they have any information to help you. You should ensure that you have left your kid in safe hands where they will learn a lot.